Anzar Abbas is a graduate student in the Neuroscience Program at Emory University.

As part of the Keilholz Mind Lab, Anzar studies spatiotemporal patterns in the brain and investigates their relationship with behavior through fMRI.

When not in the lab, Anzar is an avid popular science writer. He is a former AAAS Mass Media fellow, through which he was placed at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. There, Anzar worked with HHMI investigators around the world and helped them communicate their work and recent findings to the public.

Anzar is also a writer and host for an upcoming series produced by Georgia Public Broadcasting, called Physics in Motion. Physics in Motion is a digital series for high school students, which will serve as a free resource for educators. It covers concepts of physics grounded in the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) for science and promotes inquiry-based learning, problem solving, and critical thinking through engaging demonstrations and real-world applications.

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Or find him on twitter @anzabbas